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“which stage of heaven I am in? how many more births do i have to take…?”

Aseem’s email to me : ” Dear Renuka, this is what i want to ask Erik:

1. I want to know which heaven I am in (numerically) as far as Christianity and Hinduism go.

2. I need yours as well as my spirit guide’s advice and protection as far as dealing with my current life situation is concerned.

3. How many more births do I have.

4. Do I have any major sin yet to wash which is creating an obstacle, in my destiny.


Erik’s reply : “Aseem, I can’t reveal the numerical stage but I can sure tell you, you are at a place where you have to work hard for your lessons now that you are here, it’s very important you face this life positively. Your major life lesson is giving your best and trying to be detached with the results, if you conquer this quality, you will surely advance to the next stage spiritually, as far as advice, your guides are helping with your current situation. You will see hope soon, it’s just a matter of time, remember your judgement can be clouded when it comes to person you love and you should be very objective in taking any decisions about it.

You have more births yes but it can’t be revealed, sins cannot be washed they have to be paid for, and if you do it sincerely and and don’t repeat them again, you all be out of it.”

To learn to be stable and calm, keep silence

Ranu’s email to me : “ Erik my mind is fucked up… I m sorry I m so dependent… I don’t know what else to say you can read my mind… and I m sorry to bother u again!”


Erik’s reply : “Ranu chill sweety, your mind is not fucked up, it’s a phase and you are just trying to sort things at a soul level which makes you feel the way you do, I suggest just kill time by doing something to keep your mind busy until this phase runs out of time. Your destiny is beginning to reshuffle and it’s an important time for your soul. I will help you also. Give it some time and remember you have to learn to be stable and calm, keep silence. It will give you that peace of mind to deal with things in the right way.”


You are led by the Master, so that we can connect…

Nupur’s email to me : “Amit left the world on xx/xx/xxxx. He died in Xxx in a road accident. His date of Birth is xx/xx/xxxx. His family is in great grief. His sister wants to connect to him. Please can you get a message for her from him, also can you ask something which only both of them knew or was common so that she believes that it is from him.”


Amit’s reply :  “hi, dont worry I am happy here, I know you all are in pain, but I am  well. I want to tell my sister that she has been led by my Master here so that we can connect and she should trust this communication, I was wearing a blue shirt on my last day this should give her the confidence that she is communicating with me, I need to say many things but it is possible only when she has full faith, I am very sorry for going away suddenly but it was an accident, and I will try and make for my absence from here, I want to give many messages but my family should be open and accepting of this contact which they are not right now. Only when they trust this, I will give more messages for my family and help them from here, thank you Nupur, for doing this for my family, please convince them to continue this contact, mummy is not well and she has to be taken care of emotionally as well as physically. Amit.”

Your loved ones manipulate energy to give you signs…

Nikhil’s email to me(for his departed son) : “Gagan, How are u, You know on 15th August, we used your dor(thread) & patang(kite), to celebrate the festival, xxx, xxx,  xxx and family were here, but we all misss uuuuuuuu a lot, You tell me what are you doing there? Are u studying there, if yes what type of studies, hey its u who is switching off the bedroom’s AC? Both your sisters are fine, Your mom & I also miss uuuuuuuuuuu unexplainable. Your password is in new diary or old one? take care bags & tons of love to you my dear most son. Papa”


Gagan’s Reply : “Papa, it’s me playing with the electronics, You will see more mischief now, yes I am learning to manipulate energy to give you signs to help you recognise me. Password is in the old diary papa, search for it, you will have. Tell Mom, I miss her too and I am always with her. Rest all is fine, I am glad you all love me so much and I promise I will always be by your side until we meet again here in this world. Gagan”


A departed son reaches out to his sad father!

Kavya’s email to me : “My friend Karan is in hell missing his 23 year old son that died suddenly 4 yrs ago on xx/xx/xxxx. He doesn’t want to live. I would like to know if his son Miral can reach out to him and comfort him, Let him know he’s alright and that someday they will be together! What can I do to help him in his grief! He needs his son to reach out to him in the spiritual world that he’s living in! Thank u so much!!! Kavya!”

His son’s reply :  “hey dad, don’t be sad, don’t you know I am with you most of the time, don’t you feel me by your side, why worry when we are together, please don’t lose hope, there is so much in store for you still, I have a beautiful life here, don’t be sad for me, please trust this message, i have worked hard to get to you this way, don’t let me down if you really love me, get up and face life with me by your side, so what  if you can’t see me, you sure do feel me besides you, try and get out of this pain, i promise we will meet again in this beautiful world with no problems and pains of this world.” Miral.

Not in favor of daughter’s affair, what to do?

Maya’s email to me : “My daughter is having an affair with a boy named Rahul and I don’t like this relationship. According to me the boy is characterless and does not have good image in the society and moreover he belongs to different caste so we are not interested. What should we do? How can we stop her? We are not in the favour. You know everything so please guide us. We don’t want our daughter to spoil her life. What should we do?”

Erik’s reply : “Maya don’t worry this boy will do it himself, he won’t be able to continue this relationship, he is fickle minded and your daughter will be stopped at the right time, make sure you keep throwing hints about him to your daughter but don’t force her, be loving at the same time make her recognise her mistakes, she will herself be out of this relationship when she realises she is  being led astray by that guy, it will happen itself, just be mindful of your daughter and support her when it gets over.”

You have to help yourself!!!

Richa’s email to me : “I had completed my B.E. in mechanical this year and i forgot to fill up the form for M.E. so i want to know abt that, whether will get the admission for M.E. or not. and if i will get, then wher will i get the admission. further more i was trying to reduce my weight since long back, but probably i was not getting the results, so plss plsss help me in that as i have high BP and doctor had told me to reduce it..but i was trying and not getting the desired results….so plsss help as i have great tension regarding these matters plsss help me…”

Erik’s reply : “Richa, we have always responded, you failed to keep your promise, we can’t help you, you have to help yourself to regain your health by reducing weight, there is no magic formula, you have to work on it with determination. its your will and sense of direction which will help you do this, you dont take our advice seriously and of many others and you expect to be helped, remember you have to help yourself. you have to give it your best and try and get your shape back.
your career is your own doing again, you have been careless, i don’t see you getting admissions but if you pray to the Master and keep trying for it, you might just get it, all i can say is it is on your hands and all depends how much efforts you put towards it yourself. all the best.”

Not at peace since mom’s death…

Mehak’s email to me : “My mother passed away on xx/xx/xxx in Xxx, India. I want to ask her whether we will ever meet again. I wish for some sort of guidance in my life. Superficially, i seem to have a normal, happy life. I have a good job, loving husband and caring family members. But I still feel that something is missing in my life. I have been unable to be truly at peace since my mom’s death. I know she is in a better place but i can’t shake of the feeling that circumstances could have been different. Its always ”what if” she were here.I wish to know if there is something I could have done to avoid her passing. And also, I sometimes wake up at night feeling that someone has touched me or called out my name. Is it her or just a bad dream?”

Erik’s reply : “Mehak, your mother is watching over you and is wanting to connect but cannot get to you because of your grief, thats why this feeling of frustration and regret, relax, meditate. You will be fine, you can request for a message from your mother and we will connect with her for you. try and be happy, this is what your mother wishes, also keep her in your prayers, it will help her.”

Meher Baba’s silent call to His samadhi…


Rahul’s email to me : My friend, Shweta just visited Meher Baba’s Samadhi. She had booked her tickets to Shirdi 4 months back, till 10 days back she didn’t want to go, last week she was okay with the idea, and then she finally went, not knowing at all whether her family would really go to Meherabad or not. And now she’s here :)
She wants to ask: why Baba called her there?


Erik’s reply :  “to bless her and remove her negativities, she has been suffering for no fault of hers and Baba wanted to help her, He will continue to help her now that she has sought his blessings and she will see a change in her situation soon.”


Message from a loving mother for her daughter

Jyoti’s email to me : My mother passed away on xx/xx/xxxx in hospital in Mumbai as she was not keeping well. Due to personal reasons we were not on talking terms and I feel guilty that I had not spoken to her for a year before she passed away. Can you please contact her and check with her if she has any message for me and that I am sorry and to forgive me.



Erik’s reply : your mother is here. “don’t worry Jyoti, I love you. You are worried about me, how can I be angry with you, you are my daughter and I love you, things that have passed have passed, look ahead, you will have a good life, I will always love you and take care of you as a mother, I am happy here and want you to forget everything and be happy, a mother cannot be away from her children for long, so don’t worry, there is nothing to forgive and you will always be my daughter. Pray for me and be happy, this is all I want you to do.”


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