Hey everybody……I have started taking requests for messages and contact with loved ones in the spirit world.

If you want to contact your loved ones or your guides or need guidance from Erik on any issues in your life, please click on the ASK ERIK link and send us your questions. I write with Erik daily and will try to reply to your requests as soon as possible. Dont forget to send in your full name and the place of the death of the loved ones, you want to contact in the spirit world alongwith your questions.

For today I am posting an interesting exchange between a daughter and her father in the spirit world.

This is an email from Caroline from America :

Hi Renuka, I follow channelingerik and saw the recent post.I’m not sure if you are taking ”requests” but I was interested in hearing from my father who died in February 2008. His name is Robert Judas. I’d like to know if he has any messages for me. I also lost my grandmother the same year in August. Her name is Roselyn Judas. Both lived and passed away in California. Thanks so much for your time.

Message from Caroline’s father through Erik :

Hi Caroline,

This is what I received from Erik for you.
Caroline your father is here. He says Caroline is my soul mate. Caroline is in a very good state of being but she misses her father at times. He was a friend to her and guided her which he still does. Caroline meets him in dreams but doesent remember .Caroline’s father says “Caroline darling, I love you very much. I am very happy you requested this contact. You have been thinking about me lately and I get your thoughts. You have a very beautiful future. Trust yourself. Keep turning to me, I will be guiding you in your dreams. Dont ignore your intuitions, you do it sometimes. That is my guidance. Also be very sure of your hunches. If you remember any dreams,note them down. I Love You darling. Be happy and dont think negative about anything.Love Dad”